You don’t need us at Volt to tell you to cancel your idle subscriptions and stop hoarding wine from Vinomofo like an alcoholic during prohibition. We’re banking on the probability that your Disney+ account will get the chop straight after ‘Wandavision’ finishes – which is great, because the more purposeful you are with your spending, the more mindful you become of money. We’re all about that.

But now that you’ve got a handle on what you’re happy to routinely pay for, it’s time to subscribe to a better way of doing things.

Let’s hack this together.


Ok, so there are a LOT of options out there, across a massive array of categories. Like monthly kits for people who like to build miniature trebuchets (somehow very cool, and supremely lame at the same time) or regular paraphernalia for monster conspiracy theorists (it’s real, Google it).

For the sake of being productive, we here at Volt will be focusing on the more prominent ones like audio & video streaming, alcohol, food, beauty & grooming and clothing.

It’s time to hack.

**Types furiously, and whispers into an early 2000’s bluetooth earpiece**

“I’m in.”


Like buying all of your toilet paper for the year in one shop, there’s money to be saved by buying in bulk. In this case, it’s more like buying all of your TP for the year – if that TP sounded like Drake.

Audio platforms like Spotify offer family plans with premium accounts for up to 6 people living under one roof. That’s about $3 each per month, which ends up being only 37 bones in total, annually per individual. Considering the solo Spotify premium is nearly $150 bucks a year, that’s not too shabby. Think of the long term gains!

Consider reviewing your current subscriptions today (or one’s you’ve been eyeing off), to uncover any hidden economies you’re missing out on by joining forces with good people in your life.


This one requires a little bit of effort, but it’s one of the cheapest ways to have your cake and eat it. Literally.

Hello Fresh, at the time of writing this, will literally feed you for days. FREE. Just for giving them a try. Naturally, their hope is that you’ll be so overwhelmed by their healthy, yet satisfying meals, that you’ll fall at their feet, begging to lock in for an annual subscription.

But that’s not you. You’re tougher than that. By day 3 of that trial, you’ll be scouring the internet for more free deals from places like Marley Spoon and Dinnerly.

Keep in mind, frog hopping between trials doesn’t just apply to food – it’s very easy to do it with streaming platforms. Freebies are rife in the beauty and grooming category too, with services like Scent Trunk just giving away good nose feels.

The most important thing is to stay organised. Calendarise the free trial start & end dates, and if it’s a streaming service; pick which shows you plan to watch while you’re riding that sweet, sweet gravy train to maximise your window – and be sure to hit ‘cancel subscription’ before the trial ends.

And if you’re really diligent: check your statement at the end of each month to make sure that none of your hard earned moolah has escaped into the pockets of someone else. We’re only human and if you’ve got a bunch of free trials on the go, it’s easy to lose track.


Subscriptions are changing the world. Consider Mojo Energy – they’re one of the first energy subscription services, which shouldn’t be mistaken for a traditional energy supplier. Their core point of difference is that you can customise your electricity plan, to suit your lifestyle.

You can pick from stuff like fixed cost energy plans, solar feed-in tariff and a smart meter designed to promote transparency between the supplier and customer (that’s you). Basically, they arm you with the tools to call them out if the deal you struck starts to become unfair.

As we grow increasingly appreciative of intuitive services that actually improve our lives, it’s important that people evolve their perceptions of traditional institutions. And expect better of them.

Like banks. Especially banks.

That’s why we started this thing. Our mission is to simplify banking and help people get better with their money. Products like the Volt Saving Challenge are designed to help you keep putting money away, without backing your lifestyle into a corner. It’ll assist you in becoming habitual with your moolah and set you up for long term financial success.

Think of it like a subscription that actually makes you money.

Check it out.