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We support iOS devices running iOS 12 and above. We support Android devices with Android Marshmallow (Android 6) and above.

You can contact us via live chat on the Volt app or via email at [email protected] with any information you may have, and we’ll get back to you with some follow-up questions/info.

We love ideas! Send it through to [email protected] 

If you have any issues logging in, please Customer Care on 13 VOLT (13 8658).

Our line is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm Sydney time.


If you’ve forgotten your passcode (or PIN) you use to access the app, select “Reset passcode” on the screen where you enter it.

Follow the prompts to reset your passcode.

Have your registered username (e-mail) and password handy, as you will need them to reset your passcode.

You can change your passcode (or PIN) you use to access the app by selecting “Settings” followed by “Security” and then “Change passcode”.

You can change your residential address in the Profile section within the app.

You can turn biometrics on or off by going to “Settings” and selecting “Security”.


To open an account, you need to be at least 18 years of age and an Australian resident. Business, trusts and company account holders cannot open an account with us yet, only individuals.

You can find more information on whether this product is suitable for you, by referring to the Volt Save Terms and Conditions and the Volt Save Target Market Determination. 

The interest rate is variable. You can find the interest rate for your Save account in the app under ‘Product info’.

Interest is paid on the available balance. We calculate interest by multiplying the available balance at the end of each day by the equivalent daily percentage rate. The interest you earn over each month is then paid into your account on the first day of the next month.

There are none for using Volt Save.

Not at the moment. We’ve taken the first of many steps – and joint accounts are one of those steps to come.

There is no minimum balance and the maximum account balance is AUD $245,000. You can’t hold more than $245,000 in total across your Volt accounts at any time.

If you do put more than the maximum amount into the account(s) we may transfer the excess between your Volt Accounts or back to your nominated account or we may ask you to withdraw it.

You can withdraw or transfer between accounts up to $20,000 per day by Pay Anyone of which up to $5,000 per day can be NPP out;

Transfers between Volt accounts do not form part of the daily withdrawal limit and you are able to transfer any amount you like.

Search for “VOLT BANK LIMITED” when you’re entering the institution name. You may see an “invalid institution” error message when you’re entering in your Volt details. We’ve confirmed our details are up to date with the Reserve Bank Australia (RBA) and all government services, but if you’re still seeing this error, you should contact Centrelink for help.


Currently, our Spend account is only open by invitation, but is done through the Volt App. We are still in beta testing, and looking for your help (thanks!) to identify any bugs before we make the product available to the public.

To open an account, you need to hold a Volt Save account, be at least 18 years of age, be an Australian resident and open the account for personal purposes. 

Trusts and SMSF account holders cannot open an account with us yet, only individuals. We are not currently offering joint accounts, but that will come in the future. 

You can find more information on whether this product is suitable for you, by referring to the Volt Spend Terms and Conditions and the Volt Spend Target Market Determination. 

When you open your Spend account, you will immediately be given your BSB and account number. You can use those details to transfer funds into your account (from another bank account). At the moment, it isn’t possible for you to “pull funds in” from other sources, but that will be coming soon.

Your Volt Debit card will be dispatched within 48 hours of your account being opened, and (depending on postal services) should arrive within 7 business days. Sometimes it can take a bit longerIt will be sent to the address you have listed in the Profile section of the Volt App. If you think your card got lost along the way, please contact us so we can send you a new one.

The interest rate is variable. Interest is calculated daily over a month and paid on the first day of the following month.

You can find the interest rate for your Spend account in the Volt app under ‘Product info’.

Volt does not charge a monthly account keeping fee, or any fees for regular domestic transactions. While it’s not a Volt fee, you may be charged a fee from an ATM operator when you withdraw funds from their ATM. You should see an ATM screen message telling you how much the transaction fee will be. You should have the option to cancel the transaction before you are charged the fee 
Volt does have a few special service for things like International payments, card replacement, Direct Debit dishonours and Trace requests. All the fees are fees set out in the Spend Terms & Conditions.

Balances are capped at $50,000 in the Spend account, but we encourage you to use it in conjunction with a Save account, where you can deposit up to a maximum combined total of $245,000.

It is important to note that the Government Guarantee of $250,000 applies at a customer level, not an account level. You will be contacted by Volt if the total deposit balances you hold with Volt exceed $245,000.

If you do put more than the maximum amount into your Spend account we may transfer the excess between your Volt Accounts or back to your nominated account or we may ask you to withdraw it.

At the moment, only sole individuals are able to open accounts. We are working towards offering joint accounts in the future.

You can make payments from your Spend account using “Pay Anyone” or BPAY®. 

You can also create a PayID for your Spend account to allow you to receive payments using NPP. 

You can take money out of any ATM in Australia with your Volt Debit MasterCard. Some ATM operators may charge you a fee to do this, but Volt does not charge fees for ATM withdrawals in Australia.

You should see an ATM screen message telling you how much the transaction fee will be. You should have the option to cancel the transaction before you are charged the fee.

In–store, you can use your Volt card to pay for goods and services using your digital wallet, or by tapping or swiping and entering your PIN.

You can:  

  • withdraw or transfer between accounts up to $20,000 per day by Pay Anyone, BPAY Apple Pay and Google Pay of which up to $5,000 per day can be by NPP out; 
  • spend up to $10,000 per day on your debit card for any purchases (including any ATM withdrawals); 
  • withdraw up to $5,000 per day from any ATM subject to a $1,000 limit for each ATM transaction and any additional limits imposed by the ATM Operator; 

Transfers between Volt accounts do not form part of the daily withdrawal limit and you are able to transfer any amount you like. 

If you need to transfer more than this amount, please contact Customer Care

At the moment, because the Spend account is only for personal use by a single account owner, we can only offer a single card on each account. A single card reduces the risk of unauthorised transactions, helping to keep your money safe.

You can report your card lost or stolen from your Volt app in the “Cards” section. 

Select “PIN & Security” and follow the prompts to report a lost, stolen or damaged card. 

If you report your card lost or stolen, a replacement card will be automatically issued and sent to your registered residential address. 

If you have issues doing this through the app, you can also report this by contacting Customer Care. Outside of these hours, you can send an email from the Volt app to Customer Care informing them you’ve lost your card. 

You will not be liable for any fraudulent transactions from the time you report to us. 

Yes, 6 monthly statements are available in the app. If you need to order a statement for a specific set of dates, please contact Customer Care.

Please contact Customer Care, who can assist you to investigate the matter. 

Yes, please give your Spend BSB and account number to your employer and they can arrange to pay your salary directly into your Volt Account.

You can temporarily lock your card using the Volt app. Go to the “Cards” section and follow the prompts to freeze and unfreeze your card. 

Note that freezing your card blocks all payments that use the details on your physical card only.  Digital wallet services (Apple Pay and Google Pay) remain active and can still be used.  For instructions on disabling your digital wallet, visit: 

You can set your PIN via the Volt app.

Yes, you can. You can find your BSB & account number in the settings section of the Volt app.

The card will be sent to the address you entered when you set up your Volt profile. When you sign up for Volt Spend, please check the address is correct and the address to which you want the card deliveredYou can change the address when you’re ordering the card. This will also update the address on your Volt profile.

Currently, you cannot change the limits on your card or account. We will tell you when you can.

Not just yet! We will tell you when you can.

Please contact Customer Carefor assistance. Because we have tight security around device usage, a block may have been temporarily put on your account to protect your funds. 

You can close your Volt Account at any time by contacting Customer Care. You must have $0 in your account and have no pending transactions before we can close the account. 

If you need help with transferring any remaining balance from your account, Customer Care will be able to assist you when you call.  Please have the details of where you want your funds to be transferred ready to provide to us, if required. 


You can use Pay Anyone or NPP PayID, which allows payments to be made to accounts at Volt or to accounts at most other banks, building societies or credit unions throughout Australia.

Your account has an overall daily transfer limit of AUD $20,000. NPP out has a daily limit of $5,000, which forms part of the overall daily limit.

However, you can freely transfer any amount available between your Volt accounts, as they do not form part of your daily limit.

Yes, our Customer Care Team can process manual transfers on your behalf in special circumstances. To request a manual transfer, please call Customer Care. 

We will begin processing on the same day if you let us know before 10am (AEST) on a business day. If we receive your request after 10am (AEST) or on a weekend, we will begin processing your request within 1 business day. 

Please take this into account when planning for these large transfers in advance to avoid disappointment. Please note all manual transfers are subject to Direct Entry processing times and funds can take up to 3 business days from the processing date to be received by the other financial institution. 

You can use Pay Anyone to pay your bills if the organisation/company billing you allows. You can make this clear by providing the BSB, Account Number, and a description like ‘Transfer to account’ of the biller.

Depending on the time of day it’s sent, and whether it is on a business day, the payment will take 1-3 business days. The cut off time is 4 pm, so get in quick.

Here’s what will happen, and what you can do, in the case of either scenario: 

  • Invalid Account Number  

If you’ve used an incorrect account number that doesn’t register as valid, your funds will be returned to your account by the financial institution you sent them to. You should receive the funds within the same amount of time as a valid transaction (i.e. one business day, based on cut off times). 

  • Valid Account Number but not the right Account  

If you’ve chosen a valid account number but not the right account you wanted (or you’ve just changed your mind), you’ll need to contact Customer Care to try and recover your funds. However, there’s no guarantee that they can be recovered, so it’s always a good idea to double check that the details are correct before hitting send. 

You’ll need to provide us with the details of the original Pay Anyone payment (i.e. BSB, Account Number, Account Name, and Description) as well as the date and time of the request. There is more information in the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions. Please be aware that the time taken to recover these funds depends on the financial institution you sent them to. 

We’re currently building a new feature that allows you to transfer money overseas and will tell you when this occurs. Watch this space.

Yes, you can use BPAY® on your Spend account. Click here for BPAY FAQ’s. 

We have introduced Apple Pay and Google Pay for Volt Spend. If you have a Volt Debit Mastercard you can add your it to your digital wallet.

Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay etc. payment facilities will be available for compatible devices in the future.

We’ve introduced support for PayID on Volt Save and Spend to allow you to direct incoming payments using NPP. To find out more about how you can set up and use PayID click here. 

Yes, we do have NPP that lets you make and receive payments in near real–time. 

We have also introduced support for PayID to allow you to direct incoming payments using NPP. To find out more about how you can set up and use PayID click here. 

Volt supports NPP Single Credit Transfers (SCT) for 24/7 near real–time transfers, even on public holidays. 

We will be introducing support for OSKO in the future.  In the meantime, other financial institutions that use only OSKO payments are unable to receive NPP payments from Volt. Such payments will be processed but not in real–time. 


Our team uses the latest technology and systems to protect you and your money from any threats (and give you peace of mind).  If you’d also like to read through some things you can do to help keep yourself safe, head to this article. 

We’re also authorised to provide banking services and are regulated by APRA. Therefore, like every other Australian bank, your money is protected up to $250,000 by the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) provided by the Australian Government. More info on that here. 

Your data is yours, and we’re committed to keeping it safe and using it responsibly. So, when we ask for access to your data, we’ll make it clear to you what we’ll do with it and why we need it. We call this getting your consent. We think it’s fair, and we think that’s important.

Contact Customer Care immediately. If you have any doubts about activity in your account, it’s always better to check it out rather than leave it. 

It’s best to make sure that you haven’t shared any security details with anyone. If your device supports this function, remotely lock and wipe the phone of your information. Once you get a new phone, contact Customer Care on 13 VOLT (13 8658) and we’ll help you register your new device. 

Our line is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm Sydney time. 


We’ve just launched our Savings app to our waitlist and are also working hard on testing cards and other types of payments – when these are ready, the waitlist will be the first to know and then we will roll out to the public. 

We love ideas! Send it through to [email protected].

Yes, we’re authorised to act as a bank in Australia. We’re 100% digital – meaning we don’t have branches. Like all Australian banks, our deposits are guaranteed up to $250,000 per customer under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme.

We’re proudly independent and supported by a diversity of investors. We have over 250 investors who have supported us to date. We’re expecting many more as we expand our business. If you’d like to know more about investing in Volt, send us a note to [email protected] – we’d be happy to chat.

When dealing with a deceased estate of an account holder, we want to help make the process easier. There are a few pieces of information that we require as a first step.  

Please contact Customer Care to find out more information. 


Found something you’re unhappy with? Let us know via live chat on the Volt app or email [email protected] so we can help resolve the issue.

If you lodge a complaint with us, we will: 

  • Acknowledge, assess and investigate the issue; and 
  • Aim to resolve your complaint by providing you with a response on the spot or, if possible, within 5 working days. If we need more time to investigate, we will let you know.  

If you’re unhappy with our answer or the handling of your complaint, you can escalate the matter further by contacting the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).  

AFCA is an independent body that provides consumers and small businesses with fair, free and independent dispute resolution for financial complaints. Volt is a registered member of AFCA.  

You can contact AFCA here: 

Website:  https://www.afca.org.au/ 

Phone: 1800 931 678 (free call) 

Email:  [email protected]   


The quickest way to contact Customer Care is by logging into the Volt app, heading to Settings, and choosing Contact Us under Help & legal.

If you are unable to log into the Volt app, you can contact Customer Care on 13 VOLT (13 8658) if you’re in Australia. If you’re overseas, you can reach us at +61 2 8294 8474

Our lines are open Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm Sydney time.