Next generation banking

Neobanks are growing quickly, driven by convenient digital experiences and competitive pricing made possible by their lower cost structures. The top 10 Neobanks outside China have a combined market valuation of $110 billion, grown in just the last 8 years. Growth is forecast to continue: in the US, for example, the Neobank market size is projected to grow at 47.7% CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

Volt, like many international neobank success stories, is challenging the way banking is done, and the rewards are flowing for investors. Australia has a $AUD1.9 trillion mortgage market, based largely on old technology and limited by long and expensive processes. Volt is disrupting this market.

Volt has Banking-as-a-Service, distribution, customers, and products. The foundations are built and our rapid growth has started.


Since being founded in 2017, Volt has earned a banking licence, built the banking technology platform, launched banking products including deposits and lending, gained customers, created distribution, built a partnership network, and created a strong banking platform. The technology that underpins this platform is Banking-as-a-Service, which allows our partners to bring financial services to their customers as they interact and transact. Through Banking-as-a-Service and embedded finance, Volt brings bank accounts, transactions, security, regulation and data analytics to our partners within their brand experience.

As examples, retailers can offer branded bank accounts with innovative payment mechanisms; currency traders can offer bank accounts with immediate funds movement; mortgage brokers can offer loan approvals wrapped directly into their service offering. And much more.

This is a model that is very difficult for traditional banks to follow. The major banks have large customer bases, legacy technology and deeply entrenched channel conflicts that make a platform model difficult to execute. Smaller regional banks, struggling with manual processes and branch-based, high-cost structures, lack the scale and resources to make such a significant and agile transition.

Volt has built Banking-as-a-Service into its technology from the outset and has already embedded this technology into our partners. This is technology that works, is working, today.



Image of Steve Weston and Graham Bradley


We have attracted some of the smartest talent in the world to build our bank. We’re led by a proven team with a wealth of banking and business experience


By law, banks require shareholder capital, in addition to deposit funding, in order to offer loans such as mortgages. As Volt rapidly expands, we will raise large amounts of shareholder capital, somewhere between $100 million and $1 billion in the next few years.

In Australian, some shareholder equity must be used as ‘regulatory capital’ in order for a bank to lend funds to customers.

Australian banks on average provide Return on Equity of around 10.4%, significantly higher than other markets around the world. Volt’s low cost-base, scalable technology and partnership-based distribution give us a distinct profitability advantage over the existing Australian banks.


Interested parties are invited to take the following steps:

Step 1. Contact the Volt Capital team ([email protected]);

Step 2. Download Business Overview (Download)

Step 3. Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)(Download);

Step 4. Review Volt’s Information Memorandum (IM)(will be shared after signing and returning the NDA);

Step 5. Undertake due diligence (including access to a virtual data room and members of the Volt senior management team);

Step 6. Complete a share application form; (Request a copy) and

Step 7. Transfer funds into Volt’s Share Application Account.

Step 8. Log into Investor centre on Computershare to view your holdings.  

For further information and assistance with the process of investing in Volt, please contact the Capital team through the shared email address: [email protected].

Alternately, if you would prefer to contact our team members directly, their contact details are shown below.

Tony Fehon
Chief Capital Offier & Executive Director
M: +61 416 273 009
E: [email protected]

Frank Austin
Head of Capital Management & Planning
M: +61 412 245 195
E: [email protected]

Gary Singh
Capital Manager
M: +61 414 475 455
E: [email protected]

Tim Xu
Management Executive
M: +61 481 395 209
E: [email protected]


There’s a lot we are currently working on, drop in your details and let us get in touch to discuss further.